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Finasteride - Hair Loss

About Finasteride Pills ( Hair Power Pack )

Do you know DHT (dihydrotestosterone)? It’s a hormone that damages hair follicles. And what’s Finasteride got to do with it? Well, it works at the core of the problem, preventing your beloved testosterone from breaking into DHT. That’s how you can get greater volume and better health of your hair by taking one tablet a day for three to six months. And yes, it’s approved by the FDA.

Take action with the first signs of balding!

Finasteride Hair Loss

About Minoxidil Drops

To put it simply, Minoxidil Drops help relax blood vessels, thus making way for blood to get to your scalp. This, in return, sheds old hairs and replaces them with new ones. All you need to do is apply this topical solution once a day and experience improved hair growth. 

Hair Power Pack”

About Thick Fix Shampoo - "Hair Power Pack"

What does it take to clean, unblock follicles and stimulate strands? Just use this saw palmetto formulated shampoo instead of your usual one, and you’re good to go with thicker hair.

Hair Power Pack - Finasteride
Hair Loss Finasteride

About Biotin - Hair Power Pack

Using Biotin is a proven way to stronger hair and nails, as well as to healthier skin. It’s a natural supplement, also known as vitamin B7.

Any cons?

Any prescription medicine comes with possible side effects. Consult your doctor about any unusual reactions while taking Finasteride.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Hair Power Pack Finasteride